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Curriculums and features

Integrate resources from both central and local governments as well as the school to promote English Education

    Chongming Elementary School takes the mission assigned by Tainan Education Bureau to serve as International Education Resources Center from 2012 to the present as well as English Teaching Center from 2012 to 2021. The school also serves as the Administration Section of Bilingual/English Teaching Resources Center in 2021, focusing on international and bilingual education promotion and event planning.


School SIEP program—Internationalized course offerings

    Chongming Elementary School has launched bilingual education since 2017, dedicated to creating whole-English learning environments in different subjects via CLIL programs and STEAM education. Our school teachers have formed teams to cooperate for interdisciplinary courses, designing bilingual teaching materials, and parent-student family reading books and so forth. Our school has been devoted to establishing bilingual learning environments through language immersion. In fact, situational English dialogues can be seen in every corner of our school. Our students' learning achievement score has prominently exceeded the general score of the Tainan county learning ability test. In addition, to broaden students’ international vision, Chongming Elementary School, for the past ten years, has continuously held reception and events for international exchanges with various countries, such as Korea, Singapore, Japan, Australia, etc. Moreover, Chongming Elementary School has actively promoted English reading and received recognition from the Ministry of Education in 2020--the Best Reader Award.


Windows to the future technology

    Chongming Elementary School has moved forward aggressively to take part in various technology projects ranging from mobile learning programtechnology-assisted autonomous learning programcross-country educational cooperationAPEC Cyber Academy program to NASA-JPL Education program, etc. All these programs have fostered our students’ information and technology literacy, developing their competency in digital technology application.


Varieties of clubs

    We have more than 40 clubs and around 10 school teams such as the Wind Band, tag rugby team, soccer team, table tennis team, swimming team and so on. Students can have various choices and work out in the early morning, after school or during summer and winter vacation.


Vision for International Education

    We look forward to boosting students’ horizons to explore the world and establish a sustainable friendship and connect to the world.

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