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General Information

Chinese Website: https://www.cmes.tn.edu.tw/

English Website: https://eng.cmes.tn.edu.tw/

Size: 76 regular classes, 2 resource classes, 2 preschool classes, 2082 students, 150 faculty members.

History: established in 1999.

Current principal: Wang Hai-shiou


Kao Li-Shu
Educational affairs director:
email: wigg1214@tn.edu.tw


Chen Kuan-ling
Counseling director
(Director of Tainan International Education Resources Center)
e-mail : swgl@tn.edu.tw

Chu Hui-jung (Mango)
Coordinator, Tainan City International Education Resources Center
Tel :+886-6-2673330 ext. 8505
e-mail :mango1986@tn.edu.tw

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